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   Are you having party or event and need party favors or goodie bags? Look no further! Our favors come with a choice of ONE 5g, 10g, or 20g jar of our hair & body gel, an applicator, 3-4 super cute stickers, & our business card or sticker all inside a super cute bag! You can give as is or add more goodies to make it extra special (example: candy, nail polish, chapstick, scrunchies, etc.) the possibilities are endless. 

  ✨✨ ✨please use our “note” option at checkout to let us know which SOLID gel(s) you want in your bag(s). If not noted they will be chosen at random as mysteries. 

     ✨the design of the bags varies on what I have in stock or what’s available at the time.

   ✨the stickers also vary depending on what’s in stock at the time. 

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